What does it mean to be Zero Waste

We want to see a world where no textile or piece of apparel ends up in landfill. For us, Zero Waste is about finding the right home for unwanted apparel. We assess all apparel and textiles that come into our facility for its highest use. The best environmental impact is to get that product back out into use as it was originally designed for. So we focus on getting garments Renewed and back to customers. For everything else we find other solutions which could include upcycling products into new items, a jacket becomes tote bag or a pair of jeans a pouch for your school supplies. Items might also be downcycled and used as a recycled material in something like carpet padding or textiles in cars. Or the garment might become feedback or the raw material for recycling, this is the exciting opportunity where garments become new fibers and yarns for future clothing.