Is it clean? How clean?

As clean as new! We take clean seriously. It's one of the things you can always count on. And, it's backed by awesome science! We've partnered with TERSUS Solutions, the world’s most advanced cleaning technology, to get our Renewed Apparel to a clean-as-new quality without water.

TERSUS harnesses the gentle cleaning properties of liquid CO2 to remove oils, particulates, and odor that degrade the useful life of apparel. Gently removing these elements improves the look and feel of a garment after each cycle, and extends its useful life.

TERSUS uses CO2 in a closed-loop system where the C02 starts out as a gas and is compressed to a liquid. Once in liquid form it runs similar to your home washing machine, using an environmentally safe detergent through cleaning and rinsing cycles. At the end of the process, the pressure is released and the C02 turns back into a gas. The clothes are totally dry. No water, no heat! The process recaptures 98% of the C02. It eliminates the need for water, thus using fewer natural resources and produces no effluent. Because no heat is used, the garments are protected against shrinkage and fiber degradation.