Why Don't Brands Renew Themselves?

Most apparel brands are experts in fashion, innovation and design for new garments. They contract with factories all over the world who are the experts in manufacturing apparel.

The operations of the brands themselves are not set up to manufacture clothing and the majority of apparel factories are outside the US. The Renewal Workshop was created to help apparel brands close the loop on their products once they are here in the US market. We are experts in apparel renewal and managing materials for upcycling and recycling if the products cannot be renewed.

Some brands do offer repairs and warranty on their products, but this is different than renewal. Warranty operations are set up to help customers who want their products fixed and returned. We love this because it extends the life of garments on an individual basis customer by customer. We partner with companies to help manage all of their unsellable returns and excess inventory which includes warranty claims that customers do not want back.