What can I expect a Renewed Product to look like?

The Renewal Process is what we call the process a garment goes through inside our Renewal Factory to ensure a high quality product for our customers. Our first step is to determine if the product can be renewed and sold as Renewed Apparel. We inspect each product by hand to determine if there are any problems like holes, or broken components, dirt or stains. If it looks like we can fix it, then it is sent to be cleaned in our TERSUS cleaning machine.

After cleaning the garment is re-inspected by our Quality Lead and either approved for labeling or prepped for repair. If something needs to be fixed, a sew tech gathers the thread, zippers, buttons or whatever is needed to make the repair. We co-brand every product with a Renewal Workshop label so you can have confidence that the garment has been certified to meet the quality standards for Renewed Apparel.

The Renewal Workshop works in collaboration with our brand partners to set quality standards for repairs. We have a guideline for every kind of repair and the quality is approved by our brand partners. Our repairs meet the quality expectation of our brand partners.

After repairs are done, the product passes through our Quality Assurance department for final inspection - this way we confirm the repairs and labels meet the required standards.